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Kevin Owyang's work is used by STIFF Seattle

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  • I work with Kevin on an independent feature entitled COOLERS, where he is Executive Producer & Director. The director sets the tone for the entire production, not only artistically, but for the work environment and culture. I've worked on numerous television and feature sets in different capacities over the years and have produced films that have been distributed in over 120 countries.  Kevin possesses a unique combination of leadership and creativity that inspires everyone around him to push their limits. He's a team player and builder who keeps competing egos from clashing, encourages creative innovation, is honest and laser focused, and pushes everyone to their fullest potential. I highly recommend him.

    Bill Hoffman
    Bill Hoffman Post Alley Productions | Executive Producer
  • Kevin stepped in to help out with the second year SIFP event. He provided oversight, guidance, inspiration, and legwork for all the marketing of the event, marketing strategy, and a good chunk of the creative content. He was the perfect fit for this work because he can think and produce at so many levels from vision to implementation. His soft spoken nature helped keep everything on its rails and his playful imagination insured that our event was unique and spectacular. SVP FAST PITCH, formerly known as SIFP , is a project of Social Venture Partners

    Ben Bauermeister
    Ben Bauermeister Interactive Media Consultant
  • Kevin was terrific to work with – he took the time to understand the context of the project and exactly what we needed, then took creative ownership and produced a thoughtful, moving video that became the heart of the exhibit. He was flexible and responsive as the project evolved, met deadlines even when unforeseen delays came up on our end, and communicated clearly throughout the process. I would work with Kevin again, no question!

    Mikala Woodward
    Mikala Woodward Wing Luke Museum | A Smithsonian Affiliate
  • Recently I was presented with a sales opportunity and met with a high level marketing manager at a major international organization. I thought we were going to talk about making a video, but when I arrived she wanted to talk in depth about marketing. I didn't have much to contribute, as my area of specialty is project management, not marketing. At the end of our conversation she asked me to write her a proposal based on what she had shared. I didn't know what to do. I went to other inside my company with Marketing background, but they were busy and the proposal was needed quickly. I turned to Kevin for advice. I explained what I understood from the meeting and showed him the materials I had been presented. He sat with me for over an hour and explained to me the marketing principals and verbiage I needed to understand to write a thoughtful proposal. Kevin's knowledge of marketing is deep but he was able to explain it all to me very simply. It's clear that really knows what he's talking about, and even shared some experiences he had with me.

    Jennifer O'Brien
    Jennifer O'Brien Video Producer | Microsoft Authorized Vendor
  • It's always fantastic to work with Kevin because he combines outstanding creativity and dead-on accurate strategic direction to achieve perfectly impressive results. At Ashoka, he helped us develop branding for an exciting and innovative fund raiser, the Ashoka Gamechanger. And he oversaw production of a promotional video to raise money for the world's best and brightest people solving the world's biggest problems. He'll take whatever you do to a whole new level. I highly recommend him!

    Andrea Wenet
    Andrea Wenet Executive Director | Ashoka Seattle
  • Kevin is a smart, articulate and creative person who helped us develop a usable logo in a matter of hours. He's a great storyteller who helped us create an emotional connection between our new brand and potential customers. In fact, when we presented the concept on stage before a live audience, the whole house raised their hands to buy our product... including people who were our competitors! Also, the Mission really liked his documentary on equity and social justice, "History Is Undivided Yearning," and recommended others support his work. Organizations like ours need great storytellers who have mastery of visual and written media to broaden our support base.  

    Sharon  Thomas
    Sharon Thomas Public Relations Manager | Union Gospel Mission
  • The skills of a strategist and a tactician are rarely found in one person. Kevin Owyang however possesses both skill sets. His marketing leadership resulted in tripling social media interaction and media awareness of SIFP this year. SVP FAST PITCH, a project of Social Venture Partners, formerly known as SIFP, is powered by Zino Society

    Mary Holmes
    Mary Holmes Chief Marketing Officer | Zino Society
  • Kevin helped us hone our presentation and pitch for the SVP Fast Pitch competition. His insight on messaging and clarity was spot on, especially since he was a customer and a supporter. A short meeting with Kevin gave me the energy and perspective to keep working hard and working smart. We ended up winning four prizes in the competition 🙂

    Casey Dilloway
    Casey Dilloway President & COO | Community Sourced Capital
  • I had the pleasure of working with Kevin through the Wing Luke Museum. He and I were members of a Community Advisory Committee working with the Museum to develop and curate a new exhibit. A major contribution Kevin provided was a 20-minute video included in the exhibit's audience-interaction kiosk. He effectively and thoughtfully took the mountain of photos, archives, news clips, home videos, video interviews, and oral histories related to the exhibit and crafted a very effective and engaging short film. The tone of the piece and the overarching message fit beautifully with the exhibit and the Museum's aim to educate and inspire. With a very tight deadline, Kevin also cut together a trailer from the longer video down to just over 3 minutes for the exhibit's opening reception. What he lost in running time, he more than made up for in sheer impact. The trailer was urgent, precise, and, most importantly, invited the audience to learn more. Working with Kevin was very smooth. He listened to constructive feedback and integrated notes that best served the film and the vision of the Museum. I would be happy to work with Kevin again.

    May Nguyen
    May Nguyen Community Programs Coordinator | Wing Luke Museum
  • Kevin brings exceptional analytical talent and skill in tackling various business problems. He communicates extremely well; and his diligence, teamwork, and intellect raise the quality of the work product generated by those people around him.

    Rich Pastore
    Rich Pastore Founder & CEO | Pastore Houldsworth & Co
  • Kevin did a great job turning the business we built at Freight Wing into a story bankers could stand behind. And that allowed us to obtain a line of credit, grow, and eventually achieve our ultimate goal of selling the company. He's more than just a marketer and finance chief, he's a team player passionate about adding value and making a company a story to be told. And he'd dig in to anything we needed to support the company's needs, including managing our Salesforce implementation, advertising, supply chain, order management, and even crawling under trailers for installations. I highly recommend him.

    Sean Graham
    Sean Graham CEO | Freightwing (a Ridge Corp. company)
  • Having worked with Kevin as a developer and investor through over 13 successful transactions for the past 20 or so years, I can absolutely speak to his character and professionalism. In all our of our interactions he has been a refreshing delight to deal with as a consistent decision maker who follows through on his word while always maintaining a high ethical standard. As a consummate communicator Kevin is quickly responsive , concise and yet open to processing new information so that he can deliver what the market wants. I completely vouch for his integrity, highly recommend him and would work together with him on any project at anytime.

    Diane Nodell
    Diane Nodell Founder & Broker | Diane Nodell Real Estate



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