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What’s the difference between Isaac, Dietrich, and Samuel?

Isaac uses geometric illustrations. Dietrich uses iconic illustrations.  And Samuel uses organic illustrations.

What’s the difference between color personalities?

Dublin is a rainbow of colors, but updated.

Medan is a less saturated version of Dublin.

Xian is neutral colors.

Sevilla is a more vibrant and simplified version of Dublin.

Arenal is a steely, calm look.

Crimea is colors from the USA’s colonial period.

Urumqui is warm, vibrant look.

Perth is natural, environmental look.

What’s eye candy?

Eye candy are methods for making your video visually engaging.   Object mojo is the use of dynamic motion applied to objects and characters.   Cool scenes creates interesting places and worlds where characters interact.   Slick transitions are clever ways to move objects and scenes into and out of view.  And word utilizes typography both as narration as well as characters.

A good video will utilize more than one method.   Object mojo can breathe life into inanimate objects and helps audiences see things in a new way.   Cool scenes can illustrate relationships between character and objects in ways difficult to observe in the real world.   Slick transitions can create connections between concepts and situations that are difficult to imagine.  And word can communicate difficult concepts and their subtext.

Where can I find the illustrations for Isaac, Dietrich, and Samuel?
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