Kevin Owyang's work is used by Microsoft
Kevin Owyang won an award at STIFF Seattle

IN STRUGGLE, a film commissioned by the Wing Luke Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate

Kevin Owyang produced video for India's "Uber for Autorickshaws"

RIDE SAFE WITH  mGaadi, a docu-style video that includes animation & live action

Kevin Owyang produced video about Mentors for an entrepreneurship challenge.

MENTORSHIP HAS REWARDS, a docu-style video for SVP Fast Pitch

Kevin Owyang's video helped UGM raise $1.5 million in one night

EVENT SIZZLER for Union Gospel Mission’s Catalyst 2014, a $1.5 million fundraiser

Kevin Owyang produced promotional video for SVP Fast Pitch

2013 SIZZLER REEL for SVP Fast Pitch, the west coast’s premiere social innovation showdown

Kevin Owyang has produced stunning motion videos using client photography.

2014 EVENT SIZZLER for SVP Fast Pirch, motion graphics

Kevin Owyang is Director of multiple films and videos

HIGHLIGHTS from several video and film projects

Kevin Owyang is experienced in After Effects

HIGHLIGHTS from projects created with Adobe After Efffects


Kevin Owyang's work won accolades at PRSA

I designed the logo for “Others Like Us” (OLU), a line of clothing to  raise awareness on homeless issues.  OLU received recognition from PRSA.

Kevin Owyang Graphic Design, Sippy Cup Campaign I

I designed several poster-style meme’s to raise awareness for Social Innovation Fast Pitch

Kevin Owyang's video for mGaadi

I created illustrations for an animated short film.

I created a comic-style cartoon for a Mylio training program.


Kevin Owyang has written about SIFP, now SVP Fast Pitch

Social Innovation Fast Pitch: American Idol for Social Impact

Kevin Owyang's work is used by the Business Journal

Can social entrepreneurs be the cure for sequestration?

Kevin Owyang's work is used by the Business Journal

Social responsibility and a ‘servant’ boss can spark a startup

Kevin Owyang has written in several publications

All my publications are listed at the bottom of my LinkedIn profile.


Kevin Owyang's work is used by Ashoka

I developed branding for Ashoka Seattle’s Gamechanger challenge.

Kevin Owyang's work is used by Keiretsu Forum

I created branding for Keiretsu Forum’s Impact Investment initiative.


Kevin Owyang has media relationship with Al Jazeera America

I pitched and got national news segment for Social Venture Partners.